Join us at Liftex International

September 15, 2022

We are very excited to be bringing the world’s first use of controlled plasma technology to Liftex International this October, as we launch our revolutionary sterilisation products for the lift and escalator market.

Between 12th and 13th October, come and see us on Stand A62 (ExCeL London) where we’ll be showcasing OXONOX AirLift and AirStair continuous sterilisation solutions and sharing how they can help to restore public confidence in post-pandemic safety.

The future of hygiene

Since the pandemic first hit the UK, the market has been flooded with a wealth of hygiene products that claim to kill over 99.9% of bacteria. Of course, in laboratory conditions, many of these products do. But what their marketing materials will not reveal is how they stack up outside of a controlled lab environment.  Most have little residual effect in the real world as we go about our daily lives during the day. Up against numerous variables, most of these efficacy percentages plummet.

What businesses need is a product that provides continuous, effective long-term protection. Our unique products do exactly this.

Controlled plasma technology

Having secured global patent rights for the world’s first use of controlled plasma technology - which is widely acknowledged as the next step up in germ-killing performance over UV light - AirLift and AirStair will bring some much-needed reassurance to the germ-aware public (many of whom may be avoiding busy crowded areas due to hygiene concerns). OXONOX products continually, pro-actively and reactively protect every minute of every day, not just first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night.

OXONOX AirLift has been designed to significantly reduce the risk of infection transmissibility in lift spaces. It works by filling the enclosed area with totally germ-free air at a rate of 92 cubic metres per hour, roughly the equivalent of 20-30 air changes per hour.  This ultra-cleansed air dilution process reduces the microbiological load in the air by over 90%, according to independent studies, making the likelihood of catching an infection via droplets, aerosols or from just breathing, substantially lower.

Designed for escalators and moving walkways, OXONOX AirStair sits underneath the escalator and automatically and continuously sterilises handrails throughout the day, with a kill rate of up to 99.99% in laboratory tests. The handrail is treated by AirStair every revolution so that any microbiological threats on the handrail are constantly eradicated, reducing the risk of a small initial infection growing into millions of organisms over a few hours that could cause an infection if not dealt with.

OXONOX AirStair also solves the constant risk of a passenger potentially re-infecting the handrail at any time.  With AirStair, that handrail will be treated in the next revolution with controlled plasma reducing the risk, as quickly as possible, of their being a significant microbiological load that could potentially be transmitted to others. Continual pro-active and re-active protection every minute of every day.

Register today

We are looking forward to meeting visitors at Liftex International and sharing more about our revolutionary new products. To register to attend the event this October, click here.

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