Plasma: Nature’s Highly Effective Answer Giving Fresh Hope that Our Spaces and Surfaces Are Safe

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Plasma: The 1st Significant New Technology in Proactive Management of All Pathogenic Threats for Decades

OXONOX products use a naturally occurring phenomena called plasma, a new to industry technology with a proven and safe track record in medical science.

OXONOX AirStair permanently sterilizes surfaces such as high-risk escalator and moving walkway belts in one revolution.

OXONOX AirLift pumps ultra-cleansed air, free of all pathogens including viruses, into an enclosed space, such as a lift.
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The effect being like having a window open reducing the risk of transmissibility of pathogens, including viruses, via breath, coughs etc. by diluting the microbiological load more than 90% verified by independent laboratory results, below the scientifically agreed transmission level of 100,000 per cubic centimetre.

Plasma by OXONOX offers unprecedented levels of kill allowing asset owners and operators to convince users that their wellbeing and safety is being catered for by the latest technology, driving footfall and return to profitability.

No labour, chemicals or consumables are required with OXONOX. Simply atmospheric air and electricity. Once OXONOX is fitted it can be virtually forgotten.

Advantages of OXONOX Plasma Technology

Next Level Sterilization of Surfaces

Pathogen kill in seconds, including viruses, up to 1000 times more effective than current methods, validated in laboratory conditions. OXONOX is there protecting when contamination occurs, not just when cleaning happens.

Real Savings from Day One

From around £3 per day OXONOX is typically a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, payback is fast and reliable life expectancy is 10 years+

Genuinely NEW Technology to Protect People Using Best Technology Available

OXONOX is genuinely new technology to prove to everybody that transiting through areas perceived as high-risk is as safe as practicably possible.

Why use OXONOX for touch point cleaning?

OXONOX Plasma Solutions

OXONOX AirStair Touch Point Cleaning


Permanent Sterilization for Escalators and Moving Walkways
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A sneeze or cough into hands by a user leading to contamination transferred onto a handrail, whenever that may occur, will be treated, and killed by plasma in the very next revolution of the handrail. Added to the permanent protection that the handrail receives from plasma continually, the risk of transmission is reduced considerably, adding to public’s confidence that it is safe to touch the handrails.
OXONOX AirLift Industrial Air Purification Systems


Like Having a Window Open in a Lift or Enclosed Space to Remove Pathogenic Threats, but Better
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Ultra-cleansed air, free of all pathogens, including viruses, is continually pumped into a lift compartment space. With the air being changed by OXONOX roughly every 2 minutes, if a user was to sneeze or cough or even talk and a microbiological load of a pathogen such as Covid entered the space, it would be diluted in the same way fresh air would dilute this potential threat, but as it has been treated by plasma beforehand, the air is free from up to 99.999%, validated in laboratory tests, of all pathogens.

Tried and Tested Technology

Plasma is proven to be a sustainable and innovative solution with next generation levels of microbiological and viral kill. Plasma leads the fight not only in all stages of the pandemic or epidemic management but also futureproofs users and owners from future threats from transmission.

OXONOX’s patented ModuNOx-D plasma generator is CE marked to IEC 61010-1. ALS Global with UKAS 1282 accreditation and INAB (reg no 1661) to ISO 17025 conduct all independent testing for OXONOX
Explore the Technology behind OXONOX

OXONOX Delivers All of The Advantages, but None of the Drawbacks

Plasma technology out-performs all other methods of sterilisation including UVC Light, electrostatic spray (fogging) and manual cleaning with wet chemicals.
OXONOX Plasma Technology
Fogging / Electrostatic Spraying
Ionised Air
Permeates and Kill Viruses, Fungi and Yeasts in Seconds
Limited to where droplets land
Use of Ozone as Main ‘Kill’ Process
Products Can be Safely Used with People in the environment
Only if UV bulbs are enclosed
Eradicates Pathogens on all Surfaces
Treats all surfaces and permeates materials

Industrial Sterilization sectors

Building Operators & Maintenance




Leisure & Sporting Venues


Transport Infrastructure


Marine including Cruise Ships


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A range of trial and test options are available to help you maximise this new technology and improve the well being and workplace experience for your property and asset users.
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