AirStair™: Continuous, Effective Protection when Holding Escalator and Moving Walkway Handrails. Increase Confidence of Users, Reduce Costs and Risks

How does OXONOX AirStair™ Work?

What is Plasma
The AirStair™ mechanism is placed in a suitable void or pit of an elevator or moving walkway application. The handrail is mechanically passed through the AirStair™ enclosed chamber, for approximately a second, significantly reducing bacteria and viruses on each revolution, faster and cheaper than ever before.

As the graphic on the left illustrates, cold plasma gas sterilizes all around the belt into all nooks and crannies, significantly reducing viruses and bacteria on each revolution. This allows users to hold onto handrails in total confidence even though thousands may have touched the handrails or belts before. 

If the handrail became reinfected by a droplet or by transmission by hand the any recently added infection would start to be reduced again by AirStair™ in its next pass, no more than a minute later. Continuous, effective protection.

Why is OXONOX AirStair™ Needed Now?
Get Users Back, Reduce Costs and Risks

To continue to get back to pre-pandemic levels of traffic on escalators and walkways, businesses and transport infrastructure companies must still prove to the public that it is safe to touch escalator handrails even though many thousands may have touched the handrail recently, but with two issues. 

1. Resources are scarce to have anywhere near the levels of cleaning that we had during pandemic.

2. The levels of cleaning, sometimes every 30 minutes applied a lot of chemicals and moisture to the handrails and some mechanisms have been damaged by excess moisture. Handrails and damage to the mechanical and electrical parts are very expensive to repair.

How many people do you know that are still reluctant to hold onto handrails? If you are at a busy location observe how many are NOT holding on to the handrails.  Avoidance of infections may actually cause more accidents and injury by falls from not holding on.
Double bad news for business who are struggling to get back to pre-pandemic numbers.

Current methods are inadequate to rise to the new challenges of getting the world’s populations back into offices, buildings, venues and using mass transit, encountering escalators and walkways in the journey. 
If more people don't restart using escalators and moving walkways with the confidence we had before, businesses and vital infrastructure could face profound consequences. From less than £1.50 per day per escalator AirStair™ is a very cost effective way of demonstrating safety and reducing risk of falling, therefore potential claims, when using escalators or moving walkways.

Owners and Managers responsible for providing escalator and moving walkways also need to provide better services with less resources. OXONOX AirStair™ give maximum protection and prevention that does not increase repair and maintenance costs and reduce asset life expectancy. 

How Does OXONOX AirStair™ Benefit Customers?


The higher kill level of AirStair coupled with the fact that the handrail is treated every  revolution means OXONOX AirStair™ reduces the risk of transferring a high enough load  of viruses or bacteria to the user from the handrail, that could lead to a potential infection .
OXONOX AirStair™ can deal with the handrail in your facility being contaminated at any time of the day or night without any intervention or foresight. Fit and forget protection.

AirStair as a gas does not subject handrails and any internal workings to chemicals or moisture reducing risk of unscheduled and expensive repairs and early asset replacement.

Cost and Labour, Increases Reliability

Being fully automatic and requiring no labour, no top up of consumables, or regular maintenance means that OXONOX AirStair™ costs much less than traditional methods while delivering much higher levels of performance

OXONOX AirStair™ is a completely 'dry' system.As well as reducing cleaning costs the lack of chemicals and moisture being applied should lead to the maximum life for handrails and reduce the risk of moisture affecting the mechanical and electrical workings. 

1st New Sterilization Technology in Decades

The world needed a better, manageable and more cost -effective method of increasing sterilization, and therefore reducing risk, when we are faced with transiting through busy locations to work or to play.

Off The Shelf Solution

OXONOX AirStair™ is a complete solution and fully compliant with EN115 regulations so can be confidently used to protect the public and increase footfall immediately.

How does OXONOX AirStair™ compare?

Handrail Plasma Sterilization

Spray and Wipe

OXONOX AirStair™ offers continual effective protection every minute of every day at a competitive cost without labour, chemicals, or consumables.

UV Germicidal Irradiation

AirStair™ only requires a second to eliminate all threats compared to minutes with UV light meaning that it is much more effective in the very short time the belt passes through the plasma. AirStair™ also eliminates the regular maintenance of UV light systems, the major alternative to plasma, and the cost of replacement bulbs.

OXONOX AirStair™ uses only atmospheric air and a small amount of electricity with no moving parts so is a very green and sustainable solution in comparison to all other methods.

What are the Running Costs of OXONOX AirStair™?

The patented plasma ModuNOx-D generator and the filtration and scrubbing systems are all sealed units and require no maintenance. 
The air intake filter only requires a vacuum on a periodical basis if it becomes clogged with particulates ,dust etc. 

AirStair™ and all OXONOX products  use only atmospheric so require no consumables, no chemicals or labour input and supervision/training. 

AirStair™ requires only 100W of power meaning running costs are very low.

AirStair™ is Safe to Use and Engineered to be Free from Public Health and Vandalism Risks

OXONOX sterilization system are safe to use every minute of every day and compliant with all regulations. Ultra-efficient filters and scrubbers mean that only almost germ-free air is exhausted into the atmosphere from the OXONOX AirStair™ units, ensuring compliance with all COSHH and emissions regulations. Independent emissions testing has been completed by Elements Materials Technology Environmental UK Limited.
All installations and the main operation of OXONOX AirStair™ are underneath the escalator, travelator or moving belt application, not in sight as a hazard to public or being in risk of being vandalised. This means that OXONOX AirStair™ is free from any risks to the public such as trapped fingers, and owners have no vandalization issues to contend with.

AirStair™ Product Specifications

DescriptionVoltage / AmpsDimensionsWeight
ModuNOxD240 Voltage / 0.65 Amps276 L204 W132 D2 Kg
IP Rated Enclosure for ModuNOxDN/A400 H400 W200 D2 Kg
Handrail EnclosuresN/A200 L120 H100 W1.5 Kg
Handrail GuideN/A800 L60 W6 D1.5 Kg
Top BarN/A800 L80 W10 D1.5 Kg
End CapsN/A114 H96 W20 D300 g
Miniaturised Circuit Board240 Voltage / 6 Amps78 D87 H18 W200 g
Timer240 Voltage / 3.4 Amps89 H66 D18 W200 g
Miniaturised Circuit Board / Timer EnclosureN/A160 H114 D84 W410 g
Chris Heaton Harris Rail Minister - OXONOX Testimonial
Chris Heaton-Harris
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury, and Chief Whip, Minister of State for Transport 2019-2021
“As passengers continue to return to the network, it is vital that they are safe as they travel. This new sanitising system, along with a range of enhanced and rigorous cleaning measures, is an important way of giving passengers confidence on our railways.”

Industrial Sterilization sectors

Building Operators & Maintenance




Leisure & Sporting Venues


Transport Infrastructure


Marine including Cruise Ships


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A range of trial and test options are available to help you maximise this new technology and improve the well being and workplace experience for your property and asset users.
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