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OXONOX Chief Medical Officer and Founder Prof. James Frame FRCS, an eminent and internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon, originated the concept in 2013 when he saw the potential to transfer plasma’s infection fighting capabilities in medical environments into the commercial sector as this in the background protection killing all pathogens, especially viruses to a higher level than ever before.

Professor Frame in 2020 considered what could help get economies moving again once Covid restrictions were lifted but, as a senior clinician, he understood that the pandemic would be far from over at that point, and the public would be very wary, even reluctant, to use escalators, lifts, crowded areas etc.
Navigating through lockdowns primarily posed a challenge of resources: the need for more frequent and extensive cleaning. However, envision a post-lockdown scenario where innovative solutions become imperative. 

Introducing OXONOX, a groundbreaking technology ensuring continuous protection, operating silently in the background 24/7. This solution is not only highly effective but also remarkably cost-efficient, catering to diverse markets and applications. 

OXONOX's mission is clear: to grant stakeholders and proprietors of offices, buildings, venues, healthcare facilities, and infrastructure access to a revolutionary passive air cleaning technology. This ensures enhanced protection and well-being for everyone involved. At its core lies Air Space, harnessing controlled plasma technology. This transformative approach has significantly elevated staff well-being and ushered in quality improvements across various sectors.

The Team

Jim Frame

Chief Scientific Officer

World renowned Plastic Surgeon in field of Reconstructive Burn Surgery.

With a wealth of knowledge in the medical world, and scientist with experience in generation and use of gaseous plasma this is the person who answers all the scientific questions and explains the theory behind the technology.

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Graham Sims

Non Executive Chairman

Vast experience in Oil and Gas, Facilities Maintenance, Chair of NHS Hospital Trusts

Graham’s job is to oversee that OXONOX does all of the right things all of the time to delight our customers, our shareholders, and comply with all regulatory requirements.

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Claire robinson

Company Secretary

Entrepreneur from the medical industry running a successful business for many years.

Coordinates all activities from regulatory compliance, product testing, supply chain management, and sales teams.

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Peter Wilson-Humphreys

Head of Technical

Holder of several senior technical roles in diverse markets globally. Peter brings both engineering and on-site experience to assist OXONOX customers.

Ensures the technical solution is delivered to the customer seamlessly, on time and in budget. Works closely with engineering supply chain to ensure highest standards and has significant input in making sure OXONOX products comply with all regulations.

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current customer sectors

Building Operators & Maintenance

Offices, hotels and serviced apartments


Retail and shopping centres

Leisure & Sporting Venues


Transport Infrastructure

Mortuaries and Funeral

Marine including Cruise Ships

Nhs and Healthcare

Partner with us

OXONOX is seeking technical sales partners in multiple sectors and International regions, and welcomes enquiries from interested parties.
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