AirLift™ – Like Having an Open Window in a Lift, Only Better. Wellbeing, Safety and Freshness for all Passengers

How does OXONOX AirLift™ Work?

Airlift™ uses atmospheric air, passes it through ModuNOx-D plasma generator and exhausts ultra-cleansed pressurised air flow into a lift compartment at a rate of 92m3 per hour equating to approximately 20-30* complete air changes per hour. If the air becomes contaminated in the lift the microbiological load is continually diluted, so that the potential for high microbiological loads that could cause infections, is significantly reduced.

AirLift™ also has an important side-effects as well as its public health benefit. AirLift™ has a significant effect on odours. Freshness is significantly improved, especially important with older lifts where clients are trying to maximise asset life as part of mid-life modernisation.
Oxonox Airlift Diagram
In the unlikely possibility of a lift being stuck between floors AirLift™ provides much needed germ-free oxygen to passengers waiting to be evacuated from the lift by an engineer. 

*depending on lift size

Why is OXONOX AirLift™ Always Needed?

Increasing use of facilities, removal of mask requirements and social distancing, along with reduced manual cleaning both increases risk of catching infection, and many of us may be even more reluctant to reuse facilities, hampering footfall and therefore potentially revenue for many owners.

It is irrelevant how clean the lift appears, a proportion of people are reluctant to use busy lifts for fear of catching something  from current or previous occupants. There seems to be no hardcore of users that have most anxiety in using lifts. It seems that there are some situations that make most of us uncomfortable and feeling unsafe, such as busy lifts or lifts that contain people sneezing, coughing, talking too loudly etc.  

When lifts are essential to access facilities like shopping malls, offices, or hospitals, this can have a serious effect if users avoid the whole building or complex, or spend less time than before.

New variants of the pandemic are occurring as we enter each year, new and old threats such as Influenza,Chest Infections, Norovirus, Strep, Monkey Pox from 2021/2022  etc. Transmissible infections are now national news.

OXONOX AirLift™, acting like an open window providing a steady flow of almost germ-free air into a lift, provides protection by enhanced ventilation.

It is nearly impossible NOT to be in close proximity to others in a lift, potentially breathing in their germs and catching something. 
AirLift™ is proving to be a small but very important part in Wellbeing and ESG strategies to combat declining or static usage, help in reconfiguration of larger spaces into smaller higher amenity spaces, used by more occupants, with an emphasis of collaboration.

AirLift™ is a clear demonstration of a facility owner utilising the latest technology to make their environments safer, more comfortable and worthy of the highest rent possible.

What are the Clear Benefits of OXONOX AirLift™?

Reduces Risk of Transmission

AirLift™ creates a constant stream of ultra-cleansed and germ-free air into lifts that we all must use at some time. 

Try carrying up heavy bags up several floors or accessing a shopping floor with a pram. How busy the lift, therefore how comfortable we are, is also something that is not always in our control. Others may join at higher floors.

 Diluting atmospheric air in the lift compartment with germ-free AirLift™  air helps significantly reduce the risk of catching an infection from somebody else. Good for public health, restores confidence and demonstrates that your brand values the health and wellbeing of its users and visitors. 

Controlled plasma also has the very pleasant side-effect of making the lift smell more pleasant.

Generates & Protects Revenue

Buildings, venues, and infrastructure featuring latest technology, particularly safety and wellbeing related, can attract higher footfall, higher retention rates and income.
As property owners seek to close any ESG 'gaps' to maximise yield and therefore investment attractiveness, adopting latest technology such as AirLift™ making lifts as safe and comfortable to use as possible becomes a very smart decision financially.  

Costs and Labour 

Requiring no labour or consumables OXONOX AirLift™ offers 24/7 proactive protection whilst reducing costs and management of workers, chemicals, storage etc. . Requiring only 100W AirLift is economical to run 24/7.

How Does OXONOX AirLift™ Plasma Solutions Compare?

Compared to traditional cleaning OXONOX AirLift™ requires no labour, no consumables and is continual, effective, protection for a fraction of cost. 

In comparison to automatic UV Light systems OXONOX AirLift™ offers continuous and safe use 24/7, even when lift is occupied, covers the whole area, front and back, up and over. 

Compared to ultraviolet systems owners have no expensive bulbs to regularly clean and replace and supplementary safety systems such as movement sensors to install and maintain. 

What are Running Costs of OXONOX AirLift™?

As with all OXONOX products there is no need for chemicals or consumables, negligible maintenance, and running costs based on 100W power usage are low.

AirLift™ Product Specifications

DescriptionVoltage / AmpsDimensionsWeight
ModuNOxD240 Voltage / 0.65 Amps276 L204 W132 D2 Kg
IP Rated Enclosure for ModuNOxDN/A400 H400 W200 D2 Kg
Handrail EnclosuresN/A200 L120 H100 W1.5 Kg
Handrail GuideN/A800 L60 W6 D1.5 Kg
Top BarN/A800 L80 W10 D1.5 Kg
End CapsN/A114 H96 W20 D300 g
Miniaturised Circuit Board240 Voltage / 6 Amps78 D87 H18 W200 g
Timer240 Voltage / 3.4 Amps89 H66 D18 W200 g
Miniature Circuit Board / Timer EnclosureN/A160 H114 D84 W410 g
Chris Heaton Harris Rail Minister - OXONOX Testimonial
Chris Heaton-Harris
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury, and Chief Whip, Minister of State for Transport 2019-2021
“As passengers continue to return to the network, it is vital that they are safe as they travel. This new sanitising system, along with a range of enhanced and rigorous cleaning measures, is an important way of giving passengers confidence on our railways.”

Industrial Sterilization sectors

Building Operators & Maintenance




Leisure & Sporting Venues


Transport Infrastructure


Marine including Cruise Ships


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A range of trial and test options are available to help you maximise this new technology and improve the well being and workplace experience for your property and asset users.
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