What is Controlled Plasma? How Does it Work?

What is Plasma
Plasma is an 'invisible super-gas’ that is produced from atmospheric air when natural molecules of air such as nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour are subjected to electrical energy in a precisely controlled environment. How plasma kills so effectively, quickly, and thoroughly is complex but can be explained in quite simple terms. 
Our controlled plasma attacks microbiology in multiple ways. Firstly, the ultra-high-energy particles of plasma travel at such ferocious velocity that when they hit viruses, bacteria, fungi, and biofilms they destroy the outer shell right through to the nucleus in seconds. Secondly, chemical interactions cause damage to the cells that inhibit cell functions. 
This multifaceted approach enables complex build ups such as biofilms to be managed effectively, and our research has shown an ability to inhibit Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). 
As plasma is a gas it covers all surfaces, which is a key differentiator against other forms of cleaning and control solutions. Total elimination of all pathogenic threats, in seconds, not minutes, as with UV light, and not just on flat surfaces but 360 degrees using only atmospheric air and electricity. 

OXONOX Plasma Solutions Simply Explained

OXONOX products extract oxygen and nitrogen from ambient air to produce plasma particles, predominately Ozone, which gives microbial kill levels to at least 99.99% Log 4 up to 99.999% Log 5, verified by independent laboratory testing.

OXONOX plasma solutions exterminate in seconds by destruction of microorganisms, unlike chemicals or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation that require a waiting time to be effective.

Plasma also, as a gas so is effective in all areas, back and front, over and under, unlike a spray or a light emitting ultraviolet unit. 
OXONOX Controlled Plasma solutions harness this unprecedented power in a way that is safe, and certified, for everyday use. Very similar to how we use electricity as a society, another of nature's gifts that is used in a vey controlled way, OXONOX has safely harnessed the huge power of plasma to safely help us move around in our daily lives with more safety and comfort. 

Better Sanitisation Technology: Here are the Facts

Airstair reduces risks - OXONOX

Higher Kill Rate

The difference between 99.9% eradication and up to 99.999% is that for each 1,000,000 microbes, a product claiming to kill 99.9% will not kill 1000 microorganisms. OXONOX which kills up to 99.999% in laboratory conditions, in comparison will not kill 10 microbes per 1,000,000.

Starting with significantly less microbial load, the longer it will take to have a quantity that has the capability of infecting a human.

Speed of Kill

The surface that is being sterilized, or the air that is being cleansed to dilute any potentially transmissible breath in a lift, is rapid protection by OXONOX for people right when it is needed, not later.

As an example, a typical mercury or LED technology UV light under an escalator handrail takes minutes to have any germicidal effect.

OXONOX kills to extremely high levels in around a second meaning that protection is reapplied every belt revolution. Minutes is too long to stop transmission, and many may be affected, even in as little as a few minutes.

360 Degrees Coverage

100% coverage at molecular level means a safer environment for users. Germs, when they get a hold, can proliferate rapidly into millions so killing back and front, over and under as well as direct line of sight is crucial. Only a gas can do that, not a droplet of chemical or a light source.

The Case for Plasma Technology

Independent testing with a global list of participants including the world renowned University of Surrey (view full report) verified that plasma generated by the patented ModuNOx-D generator, the driving force behind all OXONOX products, achieved kills up to 99.9999% (Log 6).

OXONOX knows that protecting the public and restoring confidence now and in the future means being certain that products work in the real-world not just sterile laboratory settings.

As an example, recent field testing by ALS Global, UKAS Accredited Laboratory, recorded that microbiological load in a lift compartment space decreased in the range of 92.7% to 94.94% with OXONOX ultra-cleansed air being pumped into the space versus an identical space with only atmospheric air present.

Given the variance in real life applications OXONOX is very confident to claim that its products will typically kill at least up to 99.99%, but often OXONOX will consistently achieve up to 99.999%, more in some circumstances, to the virtually unmeasurable.

How Safe is OXONOX?

In simple numbers how much ozone will be left over? And how is this validated?

As part of OXONOX undertaking Compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Regulations OXONOX engaged Elements Materials Technology UK Limited to undertake testing under Regulation 10 ‘Air Monitoring’ of COSHH Regulations.

The background airborne concentration of ozone from the OXONOX unit was less than 0.014 mgm-3 (milligrams per cubic metre) against an Occupational Exposure Limit of 0.4mgm-3 and the comparative figures for Nitric dioxide were 0.072 mgm-3 against a limit of 0.96mgm-3.

Elements Materials Technology Environmental UK Limited: 

Workplace Air Monitoring
NOx Worldwide 25th August 2021
Josh Mills B.Sc. (Hons) AFOH
Chris Smith B.Sc. (Hons), CertOH, LFOH
21st September 2021

“The results of the monitoring did not indicate a cause for concern with respect to ozone and nitrogen dioxide concentrations resulting from the operation of the Plasma ozone treater”

What does this mean?

It means that the ozone used to kill all microorganisms is removed by filters and scrubbers and levels of ozone being emitted by OXONOX units are less than naturally occurring ozone in the atmosphere we encounter every day.
OXONOX Plasma Generator Process

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