Improving health, hygiene and costs associated with everyday airborne microbiological threats

An overview of airspace™ range

The OXONOX AirSpace™ range encompasses diverse applications, catering to different needs.
The portable AirSpace™ Flexi 120 offers mobility, while AirSpace™ SP 120 to 480 units are ideal for spaces requiring enhanced ventilation that can be quickly repositioned.
The compact AirSpace™ Mini fits into small areas, and the AirSpace™ RP range is specifically designed for medium and large cold store applications.

the benefits of using an AIRSPACE™ UNIT

When employers prioritize employee well-being in spaces with limited natural ventilation, it promotes longer staff retention, resulting in savings on recruitment and onboarding expenses.
By addressing airborne microbiological activity and prioritizing employee safety, organizations can potentially save millions in food spoilage costs, especially with perishable items like salads and fresh vegetables.
Additionally, it reduces food waste and associated landfill expenses.
Healthcare and mortuary managers can enhance staff recruitment and retention by mitigating risks from airborne microbiological pathogens, reducing cleaning tasks, whilst greatly improving working conditions
Whenever unpleasant odors reach a level of discomfort for employees or customers, addressing and improving the situation can lead to enhanced employee and customer satisfaction, which is generally beneficial for business.


AirSpace™ Flexi 120: Compact and versatile, it delivers AirSpace™ treated air ventilation wherever needed.
Processing up to 120 cubic meters per hour, it reduces microbiological activity and airborne odours, creating a safer, fresher environment.

120, 240, 360, 480

AirSpace™ SP range: A modular system that can be wall-mounted or placed in voids, providing flexible and movable semi-permanent ventilation to reduce airborne pathogen threats. Compact units, 400mm wide by 500mm high, easily adapt to spaces up to 500 cubic meters. Optimal effectiveness can be achieved by positioning two 120 units facing each other in a 200 cubic meter space. This solution offers auxiliary ventilation and microbiological control without costly building reconfiguration or replacement HVAC systems.

120, 240, 360, 480

AirSpace™ RP, designed for cold-stores with lower temperatures, offers HEPA filtration and an upgraded
air intake system. Proven to combat airborne microbiological threats, it reduces food spoilage rates and, therefore, waste, and enhances working conditions in food production, food storage and food preparation.


AirSpace™ Mini is designed to give all the benefits of AirSpace™ Flexi or SP but fit into small spaces such as providing AirSpace™ treated air into repatriation fridges in mortuaries to slow down mould and biofilm growth.
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