Keeping lift and escalator users safe from infection risks this winter

October 5, 2022

With winter just around the corner, seasonal illnesses, like norovirus and influenza, will soon be on the rise. And with Covid-19 still in circulation, the public are all to aware of the infection risks surrounding them.

Due to the cold weather, most indoor public places see an increase in footfall. Combine that with less ventilation, and an increase in viruses, and you have a breading ground for infections.

Understandably, these conditions make many people anxious about mixing in public, particularly in small, enclosed spaces - and rightly so. After all, it only takes a second for a cough or sneeze to infect the surrounding environment. From high-traffic touchpoints to shared communal environments, the risk of transmission remains a constant threat.

For many, the thought of breathing in germs from a fellow passenger when in a busy lift, or touching an escalator handrail, are two major areas of concern. So how do we restore confidence in public hygiene, particularly in lifts and escalators?  

Real world effectiveness

The hygiene market is awash with products that claim to kill over 99.99% of bacteria. Of course, in controlled laboratory conditions, many of these products do, but how do they perform in the real world?   

When up against numerous external variables, many of these efficacy percentages drop significantly. And with very few products providing residual protection, treated surfaces are left open to immediate reinfection. What businesses need is a product that provides continuous, effective long-term protection against contamination.

Here at OXONOX, we have developed two revolutionary products for the lift and escalator market that provide continual sterilisation through the world’s first use of controlled plasma technology. With a germicidal kill rate significantly higher than traditional methods, OXONOX AirLift and AirStair continually reduce the microbiological load of all germs including viruses, by up to 90+%*. Much more than just one-off cleaning with minimal long-lasting effect, OXONOX protects continually and very effectively every minute of every day.


OXONOX AirLift significantly reduces the risk of infection transmission in lifts, providing round-the-clock protection against bacteria and viruses by continuously diluting the cabin with ultra-cleansed air.

AirLift uses controlled plasma technology to fill the enclosed area with totally germ-free air at a rate of 92 cubic metres, or roughly 20-30 air changes, per hour. This enhanced ventilation reduces the microbiological load in the lift space by over 90%*, according to UKAS accredited independent testing. It is effectively like having a window open in a lift, circulating germ-free air at a regular flow of 92 cubic metres per hour.


Designed for escalators and moving walkways, AirStair sits underneath the escalator, constantly sterilising handrails. It works all day, every day by directing controlled plasma onto the handrail, continually killing germs with each revolution. The high-energy bioactive plasma particles permeate and penetrate surfaces for complete coverage, reaching places that disinfectants and UV light cannot.  Most importantly, if a handrail was to be infected during the day, the affected area would be treated by plasma, reducing the microbiological load and, hence, lowering the risk, in the very next revolution. This reduces the risk of anyone else being infected by the handrail, and, most importantly, helps stop what could be insignificant loads of infection from proliferating into loads large enough to be infectious, making the situation even worse.

To find out more about OXONOX’s continuous sterilisation solutions, click here.

*Independent effectiveness testing conducted by ALS Global,

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