Transforming the Sanitisation of Spaces and Surfaces with New Controlled Plasma

Technology breakthrough from the UK that significantly reduces airborne microbiological threats

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How Controlled Plasma Works and Why it's so Effective

OXONOX disperses ultra-cleansed air using Controlled Plasma, free of all pathogens including viruses, into spaces slowing down or reducing cross contamination or putrefaction risks.

The scientific reason Controlled Plasma is more effective than alternative technologies, such as ultraviolet, is a higher level of kill rate combined with an almost instant kill. 

This allows large volumes of air to be processed to control airborne microbiological risks far better.
OXONOX products only use atmospheric air as its ‘raw material’. There are no chemicals, bulbs or other consumables.

Controlled Plasma is the natural and sustainable but most powerful way of sanitising spaces and surfaces.

How Can Oxonox Benefit my Business?

Improving Indoor Air Quality

In today's built environment, maintaining good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is crucial for the well-being of occupants and can significantly impact the success of a facility.
OXONOX offers innovative and convenient solutions that improve IAQ without the need for major structural changes or HVAC system upgrades.
These "plug and play" solutions are particularly valuable in spaces with limited fresh air.

Reducing Airborne Microbiological Threats

For clients in industries such as healthcare, mortuaries, food production, and food storage, OXONOX products play a vital role in reducing the growth of moulds, biofilms, and bacteria in living and dead matter, as well as perishable goods.
Managing microbial risks is essential in healthcare and mortuaries, where it presents a daily challenge, and in the food industry, where spoilage and imperfect goods can result in significant costs and process inefficiencies.

creating natural freshness

Unpleasant odours in a business environment can negatively impact staff recruitment, retention, and overall perception by customers.
OXONOX's controlled plasma technology creates a natural freshness, enhancing working conditions and improving the overall environment.
OXONOX can improve that 1st impression when visiting a retail mall and using a lift or when we use lifts in a mass transit system.

In a highly competitive job market with substantial onboarding costs, investing in OXONOX products can be a wise decision, benefiting both employees and the bottom line of the business.

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How can I Make or Save Money with OXONOX?

Make Money

Drive Customer Satisfaction

A Metro system operator tackled odour concerns in lifts predominantly used by vulnerable passengers, by implementing OXONOX AirLift™.
This led to a significant boost in customer satisfaction scores and supported revenue growth for upcoming LEZ derived higher traffic volumes.

Increase Staff Retention and Engagement by Wellbeing

By implementing OXONOX AirSpace™ Flexi, a Funeral Director improved working conditions, reduced staff turnover, reduced recruitment and onboarding costs, and anticipates a yearly profit increase of at least £20K in addition to enhancing staff well-being and retention in a competitive labour market.

Save Money

Reduce Cleaning Costs: Free Up Labour

A mortuary faced a recurring issue of mould growth on cadavers stored long-term, necessitating weekly cleaning, which took 15 minutes per body. By implementing OXONOX AirSpace™ Mini, mould growth slowed, reducing cleaning frequency to once every 4 weeks. 
Now mortuary saves up to £7K per year and frees up 20 days for more revenue-generating activities

Reduce Health and Safety Risks: Mitigate Higher Insurance

To address the elevated insurance risk posed by passengers not holding escalator handrails at major stations, a national mass transit organization purchased OXONOX AirStair™. This mitigated the risk, helped with rising insurance costs related to escalator claims (with average claims of £10K per fall), and provided travellers with a safer option to hold handrails, minimizing concerns about germ transmission.

OXONOX is safe

OXONOX employs enclosed and airtight chambers to safely use plasma technology.

OXONOX undergoes meticulous scrubbing and filtration, ensuring not just germ-free oxygen is dispersed but also maintaining ozone levels significantly lower (20-30 times less) than those present in regular atmospheric air. In regions with elevated natural ozone levels, OXONOX effectively regulates ozone well within established regulatory thresholds.
Explore the Technology behind OXONOX

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