Another Successful Installation of AirLift™

January 30, 2023

AirLift™ has been chosen by a regional transport provider to provide OXONOX AirLift™ to help attract many more customers to the network, protect those how regularly use the network and overall give a better, safer and more pleasant experience to passengers.

Lifts are fitted to carry lots of passengers from one level to the other. Often these passengers are the elderly, the less abled, those with mobility aids, families with prams, and those lucky enough to weighed down with shopping.

OXONOX AirLift™'s core function is to provide almost 100 cubic metres of germ-free air into lift cabins. Although many lifts are fitted with fans all that is happening is that atmospheric air is being pumped into the lift which may have unknown concentrations of microorganisms and pollutants as well as any smells that may be in the lift shaft. AirLift™ filters the air for particulates and pollutants, then treats the air to make it germ-free, before dispensing the air downwards to dilute and reduce any concentrations of microbiological activity away from face and nose areas.

AirLift™ also has a secondary function that is very important. As it treats the air to help reduce the risk of catching something from somebody else, it naturally deodorises the air.

This air transforms lifts that may well have a certain mustiness after a few years hard work, into a far more pleasant environment. Passengers often describe lifts by virtue of their smell, or rank them by their unpleasantness. AirLift™ cannot make lifts shiny and new but can improve comfort levels for all customers.

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